Department of Multimedia Communication & Design

Debarshi Kumar Brahma
MCA, Professional Diploma in 3D Animation and VFX
Asst. Professor
Bhaskar Saha
Ph.D. (Pursuing) IITG, M.Sc. in Multimedia Technology, BVA Fine Arts, Diploma in 3D Animation, Diploma in Multimedia
Asst. Professor
Susmita Roy
Masters of Arts in VFX and Animation , M.Sc. in Information Technology, Certification in Multimedia , Omega Maya
Asst. Professor
Subash Rai
M.Sc. in Multimedia Technology, Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation and Visual Effects
Asst. Professor
Abhijit Padun
Ph.D(Pursuing) IITG, M. Design IIT Guwahati, B.Tech NIT Hamirpur, Advanced Diploma in 3D Modelling
Asst. Professor







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