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Sl Engineering Mechanics Lab. Workshop Practice
1 Verification of polygon law of force Carpentry shop Various jobs of wood like T-joint, Dovetail joint, Mortise & Tenon Joint, Square corner joint, Cross halving joint, electric switch board etc  using different types of hammer, chisel, steel rule, saw, bench vice, metal jackplane  etc.
2 Verification of parallelogram law of force
3 Verification of triangular law of force Fitting Shop Various types of metallic jobs like surface finishing of a flat plate, making V-grove in a metal piece, making regular hexagonal and pentagonal shaped piece etc using file, hacksaw,  punching rod, bench vice, hammer etc.
4 Determination of centre of gravity of various shapes.

Determination of coefficient of friction of rough and smooth surface.

Welding shop Basically 2 types of welding are done. These are arc welding and gas welding. In  arc welding ac/dc rectifier is used and in gas 2 gas cylinders containing oxygen(O₂) and acetylene(C₂H₂) are used. Various types of metallic joints are done using welding technology like lap joint, but joint, T-joint, pipe joint, corner joint etc.
6 Determination of parallel forces in a simply supported beam.
7 Experiment on screw jack Machine Shop

Lathe Machine: Simple turning operation, taper turning, step turning, and threading, knurling operation are done taking cylindrical job.

Shaper Machine: Rectangular groove, V-grove, step making, corner cutting in a given metallic cubic block are done. The tool movement is horizontal.

Slotting Machine: single and multiple equidistance slots and keyways are made in a circular job like a gear or shaft. The tool movement is vertical.

Grinding Machine:  Sharpening  of cutting tools is done used in various machines and apparatus using rotating grinding wheels (rough and smooth)

Drilling Machine: Radial drilling machine is used for heavy work like making holes of size 25 mm -35mm in very thick block and job. Bench drilling machines are used to make small holes around 10mm diameter in lighter and thin metal plate.

Milling Machine: It is highly precise and almost all metallic operation can be done here by engaging different tools as the requirement. Skilled person is highly desirable.


Experiment on wheel and axle

9 Experiment on worm and Worm wheel    
10 Determination of moment of inertia of a flywheel    


Other laboratories in collaboration with Food Processing Technology Department

Elements of Food Engineering-ii (FPT-401):

Bernoulli’s theorem Apparatus  (Verification of Bernoulli’s Theorem)

Reynold’s Apparatus  (Study of flowing fluid fluid by determining Reynold’s Number)

Pitot Tube Apparatus  (Study of a flowing fluid velocity through a Pitot tube)

Venturimeter Apparatus  (Study of flow rate of fluid using Venturimeter)

Orifice meter Apparatus   (Study of flow through an Orificemeter)

Losses due to friction in pipe(Determination of loss of head of a flowing fluid due to friction through a pipe)

Losses due to pipe fitting  ( Study of  loss of head of fluid due to pipe fitting)

Centrifugal Pump Test Rig  (Study of centrifugal pump)

Mouth piece and orifice  ( Study of fluid flowing through mouthpiece and orifice)

Nozzle meter Test Rig  ( Study of nozzle meter)

Transer Process Engineering (FPT-403):

Reynold’s Apparatus

Shell and Tube Heat exchanger

Plate type Heat exchanger

Tubular Heat Exchanger

Jacked Vessel Heat Exchanger

Venturimeter Apparatus

Bernoulli’s theorem Apparatus

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