Dr. Soumen Maji
Dr. Soumen Maji Assistant Professor Department of Civil Engineering ()

Fluvial hydraulics, Open channel flows

CONTACT: Phone: Email: s.maji@cit.ac.in

1.      Maji, S., Pal, D., Hanmaiahgari, P. R., & Gupta, U. P. (2017). Hydrodynamics and turbulence in emergent and sparsely vegetated open channel flow. Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 1-25.

2.      Maji, S., Pal, D., Hanmaiahgari, P. R., & Pu, J. H. (2016). Phenomenological Features of Turbulent Hydrodynamics in Sparsely Vegetated Open Channel Flow, Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, 9(6). 

3.      Maji, S., Hanmaiahgari, P. R., & Dey, S. (2014). Experimental studies of local scour in the pressurized OCF below a wooden log across the flow. Sadhana39(5), 1245-1257.


Conferences/Workshops/Symposia attended


1.      Maji S, Hanmaiahgari, P. R. Balachander. R., and Roussinova. V., (2018), "Turbulent flow characteristics in interior and wake region of emergent and sparse vegetation patch," GeoMEast 2018, November 24 – 28, 2018, Cairo, Egypt.

2.      Maji S, and Hanmaiahgari, (2018), "Bulk scaling of flow characteristics in the interior of sparse, emergent and rigid vegetation patch," IAHR River Flow 2018, September 04 – 08, 2018, Lyon, France

3.      Pal, D., Maji S, Hanmaiahgari, P. R., Minh Duc Bui, and Peter Rutschmann (2016), "Turbulent hydrodynamics through cross-sections at upstream, interior and downstream of sparse vegetation patch in open channel flow," IAHR 13th International Symposium on River Sedimentation (ISRS), September 19 – 22, 2016, Stuttgart, Germany

4.      Maji, S., Pal, D., Mahananda, M. and Hanmaiahgari, P.R., (2016), "Comparison of turbulent features through upstream, interior and downstream of sparsely vegetated open channel turbulent flow,",  IAHR River Flow 2016, pp 2297-2303, July 12-15, St. Louis, Mo, USA.


Conferences/Workshops/Symposia organized


1.      National Workshop on Building Planning Design and Analysis” at CIT Kokrajhar on 6th – 11th May, 2019.

2.      Workshop on Arc-GIS Application in Engineering Projects and Ground Referencing” at CIT Kokrajhar on 2nd - 6th April, 2018.


Book / Book Chapter published


1.      Maji, S., Pal, S., Hanmaiahgari, P.R. and Garg, V. (2017). Turbulent hydrodynamics along lateral direction in and around emergent and sparse vegetated open channel flow, Development of Water Resources in India, Water Science and Technology Library, Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-55125-8.

2.      Maji, S., Gompa, R. N, Hanmaiahgari, P.R. and Garg, V. (2017): Turbulent structures in open channel flow with emergent and sparse vegetation, Development of Water Resources in India, Water Science and Technology Library, Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-55125-8.

3.      Maji, S., Nanda, T., & Panigrahi, B. (2016). Comparison of IMD and CMIP5 Rainfall Products for Annual Daily Extreme Precipitation: India. In Soil and Water Engineering: Principles and Applications of Modeling, Apple Academic Press. CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, (pp. 461-478). ISBN 978-1-77188-392-4.

# Course Name Code Credits Semester
  1. Florina Hazowary (Completed in June,2019)
  2. Jintu Uzir (Completed in June,2019)
  3. Ambuj Shukla (Completed in June,2018)
  4. Amarjit Sinha (Completed in June,2018)
  5. ​Dishti Mushahary (Completed in June,2018)
  6. Hilton Basumatary (Completed in June,2018)
  7. Animesh Barman (Completed in June,2017)
  8. Jessika Swargiary (Completed in June,2017)
  9. Manish Basumatary (Completed in June,2017)
  10. Somnath Saha (Completed in June,2016)
  11. Md Golam Nabi Azad (Completed in June,2016)
  12. Jyotismita Bania (Completed in June,2016)