Dr. Yachang Omo
Dr. Yachang Omo Assistant Professor Department of Civil Engineering ()
QUALIFICATIONS Ph.D. (North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology)

Environmental engineering for sustainable development

Geotechnics for environmental engineering

Ground improvement and soil stabilization


CONTACT: Phone: Email: y.omo@cit.ac.in

1.  Philley P.D., Kalita, A., Omo, Y. (2022) Improvement of Strength Behaviour of Fly Ash and Cement Stabilized Soil with Glass Fibre Reinforcement. Advances in Geo-Science and Geo-Structures. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol. 154. Springer, Singapore. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-16-1993-9_14

2.  Omo, Y., Kalita, A. (2021) Energy Absorption Properties of Fly Ash-Cement Treated  Soil Reinforced with Bagasse and Glass Fibre Wastes Based on UU Triaxial Tests. Advances in Sustainable Construction Materials. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol. 124. Springer, Singapore. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-33-4590-4_26

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4.     Omo, Y., Tayeng, N., Kalita, A., (2017) Strength Characteristics of Fly Ash Stabilized Sandy Soil Reinforced with Glass Fibers. Indian Geotechnical Conference 2017 GeoNEst, 14-16 December 2017, IIT Guwahati, India.

5.  Omo, Y., Kalita, A., (2017) California Bearing Ratio and Unconfined Compressive Strength of Soil-Fly Ash-Glass Fiber Mixture. International Journal of Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Sciences, ISSN: 2349-4476, Volume 5, Issue 6, June 2017.

6.     Omo, Y., Kalita, A., (2017) Improvement in CBR value of Soil-Fly Ash Mix Reinforced with Glass Fibers. International Journal of Exploring Emerging Trends in Engineering, ISSN: 2394-0573 Vol. 04, Issue 01, Jan-         Feb, 2017, Pg. 40 – 45.

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Conferences/Workshops/Symposia attended

1.    Indo-Canada Workshop on “Interactive Design in Geotechnical Engineering: Theory to Practice” Organised by NIT Karnataka, IGS Surathkal Chapter, IIT Kanpur, TC 206 of ISSMGE and University of Ottawa Canada from 24 Sept – 2 Oct 2020.

2.   One Week Online Faculty Development Program on “Laboratory Experiments Using Virtual Lab in Civil Engineering” Organised by MMM University of Technology, Gorakhpur from 21 – 25 September 2020.

3.   1st National Conference on Geo-Science and Geo-Structures (GSGS-2020) organised by National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur from 03 – 04 September 2020.

4.   National Conference on “Advances in sustainable construction materials” (ASCM 2020) organized by National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur from 03 – 04 August 2020.

5.   AICTE approved Indo-USA Faculty Development Program on “Geotechnics for Infra-Structure Development” Organised by Indian Society for Technical Education, IGS Pune Chapter and College of Engineering Pune from 31st July – 7th August 2020.

6.    1st Indo-Japan Webinar Series on “Geotechnics for Disaster Mitigation” from 8 – 13 June 2020. Organised by IGS Surathkal Chapter India, NIT Surathkal India, IIT Tirupati India and Kyushu University Japan.

7.   AICTE sponsored two weeks FDP on "Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources". 14-25 October 2019, organized by North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

8.  Indian Geotechnical Conference 2017 GeoNEst on "Geotechnics for Natural and Engineered Sustainable Technologies"  organised by Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati from 14–16 December 2017.

9.     Third Indo-Japan Workshop on "Geotechnics for Natural Disaster Mitigation and Management" at IIT Guwahati on 13.12.2017.

10.     2nd International Conference on New Frontiers of Engineering, Science, Management and Humanities (ICNFESMH-2017) at NITTTR Chandigarh on 11.06.2017.

11.     Workshop on "Induction Training Programme" conducted by NITTTR Kolkata on 03.08.2015.

12.    Workshop on "Effective Implementation of Teaching Learning System" organized by NITTTR Kolkata from 21.01.2013 to 25.01.2013.

Conferences/Workshops/Symposia organized

1.     “Workshop on Arc-GIS Application in Engineering Projects and Ground Referencing” at CIT Kokrajhar on 2nd – 6th April, 2018.

2.    “National Workshop on Building Planning Design and Analysis” at CIT Kokrajhar on 6th – 11th May, 2019.

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