Antaryami Panigrahi
Antaryami Panigrahi Assistant Professor Department of Electronics & Communictaion Engineering ()
QUALIFICATIONS B. Tech (ECE), M.Tech (Microelectronics & VLSI Design), PhD(Ongoing)

CMOS Analog and RF Circuits

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1. Circuit Theory by Prof.(Retd.) S. C. Dutta Roy, IIT-Delhi (

2. Basic Electrical Circuits, Prof. N. Krishnapura, Dept of EE, IIT-Madras (

3. Analog Circuit by Prof. Shanti Pavan, Dept of EE, IIT-Madras (

4. Analog Circuits, Prof. N. Krishnapura, Dept of EE, IIT-Madras (


Best Paper Award at 21st International Symposium in VLSI Design and Test (VDAT) in July 2017 held at IIT-Roorkee.


1. Circuit for Power Management.

2. CMOS Circuits for Biomedical implants.

3. Mixed Signal Systems for SoC.



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1. A. Panigrahi, G. J. Dutta, S. Bora, K. R. Baruah , M. Paul, "Analysis and Modelling of pMOS based Classical Low Drop Out Regulators: A Time Domain Perspective" 7th IEEE International Symposium on Smart Electronic Systems (IEEE – iSES, formerly IEEE – iNIS) 20-22 Dec 2021, MNIT, Jaipur DOI: 10.1109/iSES52644.2021.00085

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10. A. Panigrahi, P. K. Paul, “A Novel Bulk-input LP and LV Four Quadrant Analog Multiplier in Weak Inversion”, IEEJ Analog VLSI Work Shop 2011, Indonesia, Bali, Nov 2-4, 2011

Workshops Organised: 

1. Two Day Virtual Workshop/ Webinar on  "Intelligent Electronics, Embedded Systems, Communication Technologies 20-21st November, 2020 

2. Two Day Workshop on "VLSI & Embedded Systems at CIT-Kokrajhar, February, 21-22, 2020

3. Online talk on " The path of UnderGrad to a skilled Engineer: Opportunities & Challenges " 11th June 2022


Professional Membership: 

VLSI Society of India 



# Course Name Code Credits Semester
1 Linear ICs & Systems UECE 515 3 5
Units Chapter Course Materials/Slides


2013 Batch: Vijay Manali [CMOS Adders], Rahul, Prateek Pandey, Priyam Kar...[Delta-Sigma Moduators]

2014 Batch: Kanjit Ray , Surojit Das , Alongbar Goyary, Dipendu Kar [Higher Order Delta -Sigma Modulators]

2015 Batch: Liakat Hussain, etal. [Active Filters]

2016 Batch: Sakilur Rahman, Bikram Thapa Chetri, Deep Kumar Machary [AGC/VGA:CMOS Implementation]

2017 Batch: Debabrata Barman, Somesh Ali Sheikh, Dhriti Sundar Basumatary [Design of CMOS OTA and LDO]

2018 Batch: Upasana Das, Tripti, Bikash Sarkar [CMOS Continuous Time Linear Equalizers]

                  : Gaurav Chetia, Kaushik Kumar [CMOS Analog LDO]

2019 Batch: Monalisha Saikia , Sonu Kumar , Amit Anand, Jyotishna Kurmi , Binita Brahma [Gm-C Filters for RF Receivers]

2020 Batch: Sanjay Sarania, Gautam Kumar Boro, Rafwd Gwra Braham, Dwiden  Mushahary [CMOS Rectifiers in Piezo-electric Energy Harvesting]

2021 Batch: Gaurav Jyoti  Dutta , Swarnav Bora, Kaushik Roy Baruah, Nabapankaj Bhuyan, Mukul Paul [Design, Analysis of Analog & Digital LDO] &

                     Digantar Paul, Tushar Nath, Shiwam Gupta, Subham Chourasia [CMOS RF-DC Converters] &    

                     Bishar Patgiri, Rajesh Barman, Rajesh Taid [MCU & Embedded Systems: Gas Leakage Detection]

2022 Batch: Aditya Kumar Thakur, Ashutosh Kumar Sharma, Subham Paul [Design & Verification of UART Controller with System Verilog] &  

Soyed Shamim Ahmed, Mohibul Hoque, Vivek Ravidas [Digital control of DC-DC Converters]

2023 Batch: Himjyoti Thakuria, Sayantan Nandi, Deepjyoti Das [Design & Verification of SPI Controller for SoC] & 

                 Abhijeet Kumar, Ananya Nath, Jyotisman Deka [Design & Verification of I2C Controller ]