Dr. Rajib Chetia
Dr. Rajib Chetia Assistant Professor (Selection Grade) Department of Electronics & Communictaion Engineering ()
QUALIFICATIONS Ph.D. in Quantum Image Processing (Tezpur University), M. Tech in Electronics Design and Technology (Tezpur University), M. Phil (Electronics).

Quantum Computing, Quantum Image Processing, Digital Circuit Design, Electronics Circuits and Devices.

CONTACT: Phone: 9101723354 Email: r.chetia@cit.ac.in

1. Certificate and cash awarded (05/04/2017) as a team member for the outstanding

performance in the Valet Parking Robot theme assigned in the TBT Challenge (TBT-2016)

conducted by e-Yantra (a project sponsored by MHRD, Govt. of India), IIT Bombay.


Journal (International)

1. Chetia, Rajib, S. M. B. Boruah, and P. P. Sahu. "Quantum image edge detection using improved Sobel mask based on NEQR." Quantum Information Processing 20.1 (2021): 1-25. (SCIE)

2. Chetia, Rajib, and Partha Pratim Sahu. "Quantum Edge Extraction of Chest CT Image for the Detection and Differentiation of Infected Region of COVID-19 Patient." Arabian journal for science and engineering (2022): 1-12. (SCIE)

Conference (International) / Proceedings

1. Chetia, Rajib, et al. "Quantum image edge detection based on four directional Sobel operator." International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence. Springer, Cham, 2019.

2. Chetia, Rajib, and Partha Pratim Sahu. "Analysis of CT Images Using Quantum Edge Extraction Algorithm for the Assessment of Different Stages of COVID-19 Patient." Proceedings of International Conference on Advanced Computing Applications. Springer, Singapore, 2022.

Book Chapter

1. R Chetia, SMB Boruah, S Roy, P Sahu P “Quantum Image Edge Detection Based on Four Directional Sobel Operator” Lecture Notes in Computer Science 11941, 532-540, 2019.

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