Haradhan Chel
Haradhan Chel Assistant Professor (Senior grade) Department of Electronics & Communictaion Engineering (Head of the Department)

Image processing

CONTACT: Phone: 8918952728 Email: h.chel@cit.ac.in

Important Conference Publications: 

1) Haradhan Chel,Aurpan majumder, debashis nandi, " Scaled Conjugate Gradient Algorithm in Neural Network Based Approach for Handwritten Text Recognition", Trends in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology Communications in Computer and Information Science Volume 204,  2011,   pp 196-210.

2) Haradhan Chel, Debashis Nandi, " Image registration in noisy environment using particle Swarm optimization" second IEEE Inerntional conference on image and information processing-2013 pp- 458 - 463

3) Haradhan chel, Debashis Nandi, " Image registration in presence of multiplicative noise using particle Swarm optimization" Third IEEE Inerntional conference on image and information processing-2015 pp- pp-245-251.

4) Haradhan Chel; Deepak Mylavarapu; Deepak Sharma, "A novel multistage genetic algorithm approach for solving Sudoku puzzle", 2016 International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Optimization Techniques (ICEEOT).

5) Haradhan Chel, P.K. Bora, "A Novel Outlier Detection Based Approach to Registering Pre- and Post-resection Ultrasound Brain Tumor Images", ICAEE-2017, IUB,Dhaka,  Bangladesh

6) Pranav Sodhani; Haradhan Chel, " Blind quality assessment of JPEG compressed images", PIERS-2017, pp-1245-1250, NTU, Singapore

7) Arindum Mukherjee; B. N. Biswas; Shuvajit Roy; Haradhan Chel; Tulika Mehta," Effect of phase modulator on the performance in a delayed modified heterodyne lock loop", PIERS-2017, pp-767-771, NTU, Singapore

Book Chapters:

1) Image registration in Ultrasound Assisted Brain Surgery. Its Prospects, Challenges and Techniques., HARADHAN CHEL, PRABIN BORA, Biomedical Signal and Image Processing in Patient Care, ISBN13: 9781522528296, DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2829-6.

Important Journal Publications:

1) Haradhan Chel, Aurpan Majumder & Debashis Nandi,"Faster Training Algorithms in Neural Network Based Approach For Handwritten Text Recognition" International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP), Volume (7) : Issue (4) : 2013

2) Chaudhuri S, Mishra M, Kshetrimayum R, Sonkar R, Chel H, Singh V. Rectangular DRA Array for 24 GHz ISM Band Applications. IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters. 2020 Jul 7.

3) Mishra M, Chaudhuri S, Kshetrimayum RS, Chel H. Low mutual coupling six‐port planar antenna for the MIMO applications. International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer‐Aided Engineering.:e22439.

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