Dr. Prakash Kumar Nayak
Dr. Prakash Kumar Nayak Assistant Professor Department of Food Engineering and Technology (Training & Placement Officer (Institute); Member (DPhPC))

Post-Harvest Engineering Operations of high value agricultural products

Thermal and non-thermal processing of foods

Thermal Energy storage (Solar energy application in food Processing)

Design and development of hand operated small tool/machine for underutilized fruits and vegetables


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Springer-Nature Emerging Researcher Award-2019


On-going Sponsored Project

1.      Nutritional Evaluation and shelf life study of value added products prepared from Ou-tenga : An Underutilized fruits of NER from DST, Govt. of India.

2.      Isolation and Identification of novel bacteriosin producing probiotc bactrria From NER India and its application in Food Preservation from DBT, Govt. of India.

3.      Development of low cost phase change material assited hybrid solar dryer for wide range of agricultural products from NECBH, DBT, Govt. of India.


 Publications (Last five years)



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